TomTom one xl won't work

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My device starts
displays "drive safely" screen
touch continue
Displays "this devices belongs to" screen
touch continue
displays "drive safely" screen AGAIN
touch continue
displays "this device belongs to" screen AGAIN
touch continue
nothing happens

Help please


  • justmebrowsing
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    1. When switched on, try a paperclip in the reset hole in the bottom
    2.After a couple of hours on charge, try pressing & holding the power button down until you hear the drum roll
    3. Remove any screen protector if there and run a business card or similar under the screen bezel all the way round to remove any trapped dust particles which often affect the screens sensitivity.
  • Leduc5059
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    Tnx, but I treid that and did not help.
  • Ted123
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    Thanks justmebrowsing

    had rest tomtom before but didn't know about the need to clean the space under the bezel. Tried your suggestion and now appears to working OK