I have tried to update my unit. It turns out that my original map has been ruined in the process.

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How can I reinstall my original map.


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    To re-download your map using MyDrive Connect, you must remove all map files from your computer so that the map is brought to you again by MyDrive Connect.

    Tip: Downloading a card is a two-step process that involves loading the card to your computer and installing it on your device. If your device is connected, the installation starts immediately after downloading.

    If your navigation device is connected to your computer, disconnect it.
    Right-click the MyDrive Connect icon (Image or Image) in the Windows notification area or the Apple menu bar, and select Settings> Settings.
    Select the Downloads tab.
    Click Empty Download Folder.
    Click Save Settings.
    Restart MyDrive Connect:
    Click the MyDrive Connect icon (Image or Image) in the Windows notification area or the Apple menu bar, and click Exit.
    Start MyDrive Connect.
    Windows: Click Start> All Programs> TomTom> MyDrive Connect.
    Macintosh: Double-click MyDriveConnect.app in the Applications folder.
    Reset your navigation device. For more information, see the FAQ How to reset my device ...
    Connect your navigation device to your computer and turn it on. MyDrive Connect offers you to download your card again.
    Downloading a large card may take several hours. Be sure to disable the power saving settings on your computer. For more tips: Tips for downloading updates

    Tip: To save time, you can configure MyDrive Connect to automatically download updates even if your GPS is not connected. You will then be able to install the updates the next time you connect your GPS. To use this feature, go to Settings, open the Downloads tab, and select Schedule Download Updates.