Ignoring option to "avoid toll" and "umpaved" Rider 550

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On a recent long road trip I enabled the option to avoid unpaved roads and tolls. Despite this on a couple of occasions the rider 550 directed me down dirt roads unnecessarily. Also I had a specific route that kept directing me through toll roads with the warning that it was "unable to avoid tolls" (or words to that effect). That was clearly wrong as I manually planned a route to avoid tolls. Is there maybe a bug in the software. Note that I had the same problem with a GO6000 so this "bug" might not be model specific.


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    Most probably it’s a problem with the map.
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    Hi @BasilB

    When you say you manually planned a route did you initially ask the TT to find a route then save it to the unit, Did you then Select the saved route and before you Tapped Ride did you then try to put in a Waypoint to direct it around the Toll Road it had chosen as the best route. If so that could be the problem. if you do this the TT reverts back to the saved route if you haven't started by pressing Ride before you add the waypoint..

    If when you selected the Route you had tapped Ride and Lets Go then before you start to move off you had put in a waypoint the TT will have then accepted your new route.

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    i have fought the ignore unpaved for years.
    if i wing it and have it pick a twisty way somewhere, there is a good chance it will ignore the setting and add dirt. i popup says something about ignoring dirt, so it knows its dirt, and it changes the setting for that twisty way.

    its been that way for years, i expect no changes, and no effort to address it. this is not a map, oops thought that was paved, this changes the setting for the journey