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I had to create a new user to access the forums.

My username is of the form [email protected] When I try to reset the password it gives me "Reset password failed." his may be due to the '+' symbol in my username. When I attempt to create an account with that username it says it already exists plus my GO 520 is logged in with that username. So it definitely already exists. Please confirm if this is a bug and/or how I go about resetting my password.


  • dhn
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    May I suggest you try creating a user name that avoids the [email protected] In fact, all users here with that format have, behind the screnes, had the moderator alter the user name to truly be acceptable with the new forum software (which, through a bug, should NOT be allowing the @ in a user name but is......)

    So, while your user name was originally accepted, it may have been altered here.