TomTom Start 25 Western Europe Map - does this cover Sicily and how do show it?

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Hi, I have the TomTom Start 25 with the Western Europe map v10.25. This seems to cover Sicily, but I can't find a way to show it. Does it automatically change when you cross the border and therefore how do you plan a route across Europe to Italy if you can only drive to the border? I've read the manual but found nothing on this. Any help/advise please.


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    Re... NAV3 Start 25
    On the screen where you enter your city/postcode
    Screen top right is a Flag Icon... Tap the Flag Icon
    Is Sicily available as a stand alone Map or is it included in the Italy Map ???
    For example....
    Type Ita or as much of the countries name ie... Italy to put the Italy map Icon at the top of the list
    Tap the Italy Icon
    Now you can enter your Italy Address
    The Italy map will now be the default Map

    If you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map as above to suit
    Don't forget to switch back to your Local Map on your return

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    Many thanks. I wish I'd found that in the manual!