I have listed 2 devices on my account a Start and a Via 225, I wish to delete the Start from my account as it is no longer being used.


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    Are you referring to MyDriveConnect showing both devices? If so, in the box showing the device you want to eliminate, look closely to a small grey icon. That is the trash icon. Click it to remove the device listing.
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    I have the same question, how to delete device from my account and not view anymore in TomTom Home. I have new Go5200 and want to get rid of old XL330. Support for XL330 is not available anymore. TomTom does not offer any means to do that by Your own hands and not even contact to TomTom to do this! Both devices are registered with same account, and no - the old XL330 does not appear in MyDrive.
    Please help!
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    You don't use Home for the new device and you normally don't even use MyDriveConnect for the new one either.

    Chat with support to assist in deleting the old device:

    Suomi (Finland)
    Now Chat only
    Keskustelutunnit on lueteltu alla.
    Maanantai - Keskiviikko: 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM, 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM EEST
    Torstai: 12:45 PM - 02:00 PM, 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM EEST
    Perjantai: 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM, 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM EEST
    Lauantai - Sunnuntai: Suljettu
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    Welcome to the community!

    I have de-associated the device(XXL) from your account.

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    Thanks VikramK!

    dhn, do you mean that GO5200 does not at all connect and show up in Home or MyDriveConnect. Does it at all appear to windows? I can't see it connecting anyway.

    Regards, RYMoila
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    You can use the usb cable for updates with MyDriveConnect running BUT minimized.

    For sure Home is not involved at all.
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    Hi @RYMoila

    The GO 5200 is basically a stand alone unit that does not require a PC to load updates or New Items.etc.

    When you Set the unit up you input not only your Tomtom Account but also your Wifi nane and password. When you Turn the unit on if there are any Updates or New Items available for download to the unit it tells you and gives you a Button to Tap to start the process. If there are more than 1 Updates available then do them one at a time ensuring that if one is a Software System update you do that first. When you havr finished the updates Hold the ON/OFF Button own for about 20 seconds until you hear a drumroll sound. This will get the unit ready for you to use.

    The above system works best if you have about 30mb/sec Plus Download speed on your Wifi. If you have slowish Wifi then the use of a Computer is the way to go. You go to the Tomtom website and Download the MyDrive Connect Software and then when you want to do the Update you connect your GO5200 to it but you will not see any facility to update on the PC. You still use the GO5200 menu options to run the Update system in fact the MyDrive Software could be running in the Back ground on your PC not visible whilst the update is going on as the GO 5200 is only using the Wifi connection your Computer has to do the work..

    If you want to add any maps to your Unit you:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map

    The available maps should be listed and you just select the map required and away it goes using the inbuilt Wifi connection. Two things, if no map list appears contact Customer Support to ask that they sort your account out and add the Maps and Check how much space you have on the internal memory as it may not have enough spare memory to fit a number of the maps. In that case you get a Micro SD Class 10 memory card and insert it in the unit.

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    Thanks dhn and DougLap! I do now better understand the behaviour of GO5200.

    If I do need further assistance, I'll return here to ask from You.

    Regards, RYMoila
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