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Update 10.15 (GPS week roll over)

arnosvalearnosvale Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
I purchased an SD card from Tom Tom with update 1015 to fix the bug. There are no instructions with it. Do I just put it in and start using it or do I have to "format" it? I notice on the forum header that there is now another update to fix this problem (v10 29). Does this mean that I have wasted my money by buying the update Tom Tom advised me to. I cannot update myself as I am running a macbook which no longer supports FAT 32 files which caused endless troubles last time. It was only thanks to one of your very patient tech guys that it was sorted.


  • AngryCustomer1AngryCustomer1 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I did the software update and purchased maps at the same time on my laptop, I inserted the SD card back into the car following the correct instructions. When inserting the SD card back I got an egg timer, then a green screen with picture of a sat nat with a red cross with a had and an arrow to remove the SD card. I have done all the trouble shooting and still does not work. Wednesday (27/03/19) I took the car to the Renault dealership for a diagnostics (£108.00) to be told I need a new Sat Nav (£778.28+ VAT) and a new SD Card ((£122.04+ VAT) and then on top of that would also be labour. Has anyone else had this very expensive problem from the free update? TomTom will not take responsibility and Renault case handler will not take my calls.
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Do NOT format the SD card
    Do NOT format the SD card
    Do NOT format the SD card
    Do NOT format the SD card
  • arnosvalearnosvale Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Well I put the sd card in and was presented with an arrow in a check box which I clicked on. The nav did a few things uploaded something and then the screen came on. It seems to be working fine. All will be revealed on the 6th of April.
    I can't believe the update has done the nav in. When my last attempt to update my card on a mac failed it was a corrupted file which Tom Tom sorted. Give them a call they are very helpful.
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