GO 6200 route guide disappears

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i have a tom tom go 5200 which i have just exchanged for the same model again but am having the same problems of advanced lane guidance disappearing which i have already contacted you about but the soft reset you advise does not work and secondly the road which is coloured to indicate where to go when plotting a route also keeps disappearing so im left with the icon of the vehicle but no coloured route...i have tried soft resets and resetting to factory default and initially it comes back and then disappears again....help


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    Advanced lane guidance works only on highway
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    Hi @alatimer

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    Have you updated the NavCore for your GO5200? The 18.202 version normally correct the problem of the colored road that disappears. It worked for me.

    If you need to download NavCore, do it alone with nothing else at the same time (uncheck the maps and the rest) and then perform a Soft Reset like recommended by TomTom support.
    In your device ==> Main Menu 4Dots..../Settings/Updates and New Items