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    Hi @kiddingguy

    So your complaint is that you can now buy a. GO5200 with more features for the same price as you could buy it last week without them.

    By changing the name it is differentiated from the GO5200 so that you know you are getting the latest version.


    NO, it's the opposite. The TomTom 5200 and GO Premium are the same hardware-wise. From 2017.
    It's "just" some updated ROM and features on the GO Premium, which I think should be in a normal software-update (as is the case with most other vendors).

    TomTom is exploiting this "newly 2019 lineup" with the same hardware product as back in 2017.
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    See... What's the latest software for my navigation device?

    We haven't had a NavKit Update since since Version 18.202.0024 Released on 13 December 2018
    Until Tomtom make a NavKit Update announcement for the existing remaining models, we will not know what improvements a new NavKit update might bring, so most of this thread is just speculation

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    And 18.202 is just for bug fixes. For new featuresn it is 18.200 of august 2018. Eight months without a new navcore! It is too long! Please bring us clever POI management !
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    The Tweet is incorrect. There is no new CPU. I will try to get this corrected and make sure that the Social team no longer gives out incorrect information.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Why is TomTom's Customer Team stating in today's email (April 11) to me (in Dutch): "TomTom GO Premium X wordt geleverd met een geborstelde gouden afwerking en ook met de verbeterde CPU."

    (translated: "TomTom Go Premium X has a gold brushed look and also the improved CPU")

    Again... is there of isn't there improved CPU? (and maybe other hardware improvements?) Why are there - still - mixed signals coming from TomTom, and just only TomTom?
    Do the employees have access to different information of this new lineup? Why is person A staying "yes, it's improved hardware/CPU" and employee B "no, it's the same hardware, and actually the same product, as the GO 5200"

    I mean... TomTom, get your s*** (excuse moi words) together and release a joint, and the same, statement on your new 2019 GO Premium products.

    Which is it now... new hardware or the GO5200 with an updated ROM/software-version?
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    How Many More Times ???
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    First world problems...
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    YamFazMan wrote: »

    How Many Times ???

    So it kinda must be NO changes - yes, I know that.
    But these different sounds coming out of the TomTom "factory" is kinda disturbing.
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    HI @eddydc

    You can add 3rd Party POI files to the latest models and view them on the Map including if available viewing additional information on the individual Poi's such as phone numbers..

    What you cannot do compared with the old units is add a .bmp file to have a Poi specific icon such a s a businesses personal picture to see on the Map. You only have the option to add 1 of 5 specific Images to represent the Poi on the map. You also cannot manage Poi files on the unit. Personally not found this a problem.


    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I forgot to ask some questions though:
    - I presume that when 5 images can be chosen, the 3rd party POIs always show on the screen , even if not selected as destination, no? At which zoom level do they show? Can one select which category of POIs to show on screen?
    - What is the format in which the POIs needs to be provided?
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    Hi @eddydc

    Firstly there are only 5 Specific coloured icons that can be used to represent Poi's on the Map. The important thing to remember is that you can allocate the same Coloured Icon to more than 1 POI file. I would suggest that for example you could have all Shops have the same one and you click on the icon on the map to see which shop the Poi is for.

    Viewing the Poi Icons on the map does depend on the Zoom level that the screen image is at.. However you can have a lot of icons on the screen at the same time.

    You can select which Poi files are displayed on the screen . When you search a Poi file the non allocated ones will show as a White dot on the map which will become a smaller Grey dot the further they are away from the Screen centre depending on the zoom level. Any POI file that has been added to the Unit by default does not appear on the Map. You have to go into settings and select Poi files to appear and with which of the 5 coloured Icons.

    Regarding your Question "Can one select which category of POIs to show on screen?" it is not a category but individual POI files that have been added to the Tomtom.


    Note. para 3 corrected so now matches yamfazman's post which correctly clarifies when the Non Allocated Poi file Icons appear on a map. .
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    Thank you for the clarification. What is the format the 3rd party POIs needs to be provided in?
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    Hi @eddydc

    .ov2 files which is the same as the old Tomtom units used.
    Sorry I forgot to answer that.

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    Maybe Useful....

    See Maintaining or Creating a Personal POI category

    Searching a POI Category

    For example... I have loaded the 3rd party POI's for the National Trust...
    To show the POI's for "National Trust" as a List, work your way down to option (1)
    To show the POI's for "National Trust" on the map, use option (2)

    From the main screen
    Tap (....)4Dot Icon (Screen Bottom left)
    Swipe left or Tap the mid/right edge of the screen to go to and tap the MyPlaces Icon
    Scroll down and select the required POI Category For example "National Trust"
    You now have three options
    The Main search area turns blue and "National Trust" is offered with a flashing cursor
    Continue typing the name of the required "National Trust" site, Type dud(maston) (Or as much of the word that's required for Dudmaston Hall appear at the top of the National trust list
    Tap on Dudmaston Hall and select the Drive Icon

    You also have two further options.....
    After the initial "National Trust" POI selection
    There's a dual Icon (screen bottom right) with Three Lines and Two circles

    (1)..... Tap the three Lines Icon (bottom right screen) and a list will appear of the "National Trust" sites in distance order
    (2)...... Tap the Two circle Icon for the "National Trust" sites POI's to appear on the screen (Pinch zoom for detail) (Note..... On the Start range it's easier to tap the plus and minus buttons to zoom the map screen)
    as far as I'm aware it will show the nearest 60ish POI's around your location
    There is also a Keyboard Icon (screen bottom right) to return to the search window from the options (1) and (2)

    An example of the Grey/White generic Icons, these generic Icons only appear on the search screen, the Icons are dynamic so the closer you zoom more icons appear
    Tap on a Generic Icon for more information
    The generic displayed Icons all relate to the POI category in use i.e... Burger King, so you don't need the Burger King associated Icon

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    I can't imagine why anyone with a 5/6000 series model would 'upgrade' to this at over £300 when the hardware's no better than predecessors'. Some software enhancement gets nowhere near justifying the expense.

    The battery on my 5100 has been hopeless from new: the device will not work minus charger power. Many reported incidents of this. No such problem with my Garmin. Have hardware issues such as this been addressed? Seemingly not.
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    I have been offered an upgrade to a Premium X. My question is can I enter my Motorhome dimensions, then remove them if I switch the device back to my car, or do I have to purchase a special Motorhome TomTom?
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    Hi @Meadowlark

    No the Premium models do not have the facility to input vehicle data as they are Car units. The unit you require is the GO Camper which I have and which enables you to input vehicle data for a Light Camper, up to 3500kg, the Heavy Camper and Car and Caravan as well as having a Car setting with no vehicle data.


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    As a reminder GO PREMIUM X (Gold) has only accessories in addition (Dual port car charger + Carry case + Touch panel protector)


    Tom Tom Go Premium X isn't worth the extra £70 over the Tom Tom Go Premium just for adding a gold colour, a dual port car charger, carry case and touch screen protector. it's nearly as bad as Apple selling their new Mac monitor stands for $999!
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