Bluetooth not working and sluggish after update

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Tomtom Via 135 was working fine until I updated it. Now it will not connect via bluetooth to my mobile, and it is extremely sluggish to use. Any ideas to solve this please?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Chickwinkle

    The Via 135 only has 4gb of internal memory. If you have not fitted any extra memory I would suspect that the internal memory is becoming very full. Can you check how much spare space there is on the internal memory. Tomtom like 400mb to be available as less than that is detrimental to a units performance levels. Removing any unnecessary data you have put on would help.

    Have you tried deleting the bluetooth connection data on th unit and the phone and then set the unit up again.

    A Soft reset may help sort some of the problem out . Make sure the unit is well charged. Then when the unit is on and working hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the Drumroll sound then it will reboot.

  • markweatherill99
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    I also have the VIA 135 and found that bluetooth was making the satnav incredibly sluggish. So I gave up on the idea of using it with my phone.

    The VIA 135 is not very powerful to begin with. Even adding one POI category makes mine slow down noticeably. Switching the bluetooth on just made it almost grind to a halt!

    Sadly this budget satnav is really only suitable as a navigation device, or maybe as a hands-free phone kit, but certainly not both at the same time.