Route planning on rider 500

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Can I set up an itinerary with waypoints (which I can pass but not stop at) on the rider 500. I see I can set up stops but don't know if I will physically have to stop at them.


  • RoadRider
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    Yes this is the way it works.

    But it is much easier to create your routes in the MyDrive website and send them to your device.
  • youngsonken
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    I have MyDrive on my tablet and Smartphone but can't install POI's or Itineraries on them so can't prepare a proper route if I want to go to, or pass, a POI. It seems one must have a computer to do this so what's the point of MyDrive on a tablet or Smartphone? I am very disappointed!!
  • TTBadDog
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    I am finding this device to be a real POS. If I create a route on the device the device figures out where I want to go. If I want to go a specific route I have to add a stop or two then re-order them to get it to route correctly. This can be difficult unless you zoom in close enough to make that point actually lant on the road you are on and not, say an intersection or something; When riding the route if you miss that stop instead by say 100 yards or go around the stop due to traffic, gas stop, change of mind whatever the reason it will keep re-routing you to that stop.
    The stops take priority over the destination.
    Yes you can use the menu and go to current route, then skip next stop but that requires a lot of pushing buttons. It should just take you the next stop or have a pop out to skip this stop once it re-routes.