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I've just ordered a satnav direct from Tomtom and when I got the confirmation realised it is going to be sent to my previous address.
I'm trying to find a way of telling Tomtom my new address but there seems no way of direct contact, can anyone help with an email address or telephone number?
I'm starting the panic, my old address is 200 miles away!!

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    Just to update, I phoned the customer support 9am after ordering the previous evening. They told me it was not possible to change the address even though it turned out the package was not picked up by UPS until 6pm. I suggested cancelling that order and I would re-order but was told they could not do that! I was told that I could call UPS when they sent a tracking number and they would change the address.
    Actually UPS would not change the address and insisted on making an attempt to deliver at the wrong address! Fortunately I managed to contact the owners of our old house and asked them to refuse to accept the package which they did. I then had to get back to UPS who would then change the address.
    Pretty poor customer service from TomTom and UPS, however I now have the Go 6200 (on the day TomTom announce its replacement!!!!) oh well, it looks great.
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    These companies will eventually go out of business with this sloppy service they provide.