why are tomtom servers always busy?

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i paid for a subscription and your severs are busy for the last two days maybe longer, there is noway of contacting you by phone, hopeless firm, still there is always garmin.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @jonnyenglishpants

    The Contact details are on the website.

    Hereare the UK details

    United Kingdom 02079 490 134

    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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    Fixed it. I had to uninstall MyDrive Connect software and re-download and reinstall. Now it's updating. Shouldn't there be a message stating that needs to be done before the update works?
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    Similar problem updating Tomtom Start 25, re-install fixed it
  • BJR1
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    We're May 28th, 2019, this issue is specific to Windows 10 and has been ongoing for a number of months. The issue remains unresolved and users are unable to update devices for which they have either purchased lifetime map support or for which they have laid out big bucks to purchase maps.

    Come on TomTom! Fix this issue or roll it back.

    P.S. Did all of the above this AM and still had connectivity issues with the app. Opened up a Window 2012R2 server VM, installed the MyDrive Connect app and updated my device in 2 minutes. This is a Windows 10 specific issue and should have been corrected by now.
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    Tried updating my maps again, and again but the servers were busy 'Try Again' they say so I did, and again. Then I read a post concerning this problem and the post said go to Programs and Features and completely remove/uninstall the Tom Tom My Drive program, then go to the Tom Tom web site and re-install. Bingo!! its their program not your computer or your device. Thanks to the postee for possibly solving this problem on Windows 10.
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    I have been trying to update my Start 20 for months, tried reinstalling and all the usual tricks, but nothing.

    Just put it in the bin and switching to google maps on my phone. That works a treat!

    Won't be buying anything from TomTom again.
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    Hi @Bunnywood

    As you read this type Servers Busy in the search facility at the top of the page and click return. Then select what will possibly be the 5 th search result which says RE: HELP- MyDrive COnnect server busy and then read all the suggestions in the Topic made by @yamfazman and hopefully you will get sorted.