Tomtom 6200

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Being the lucky owner of an obsolete Via live 120 I'm looking at the 6200 but am concerned that I'm going to be in the same position in two or three years.
Anyone any thoughts on how long the 6200 will last before it becomes obsolete?


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    A similar situation here, in as much as I'm looking at a GO6100. On the face of it, it all boils down to the ever growing size of the map files. As long as we can still fit our maps onto a micro SDHC card, it would seem likely that the device will continue to work. My guess would be that if the firmware were to expand at the same rate as the maps, then the internal memory could in theory reach a point where it would no longer be sufficient, but that is pure conjecture.

    For the foreseeable future, there shouldn't be an issue, however, like so many other devices (smart phones, PC/laptops and smart TVs etc) there will be a finite limit.

    Looking on the brighter side, my first ever Sat-Nav was a humble 'Nav-Man' S30-3D, bought 11 years ago, it still works (probably won't after April 6th) but no longer supported by its makers. So, I'd hope to at least get the same lifetime from a TomTom, and with any luck, longer than that.
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    Only TomTom knows that. We users can only make assumptions.
    I think it will take another 5 years until they are obsolete. The next crack point will be the internal Sim card with 2 G