Problems with Professional 620

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Just got the professional 620.

Wondering if I have a dodgy device or has TomTom REALLY become this terrible???

Had issues logging into the TomTom services part - kept saying “oops problem with the server” - eventually got around that by making my password shorter (as some on here mentioned)

Now it’s trying to update - but keeps dropping out of a perfectly fine WiFi connection (again a recurring problem it seems from reading things here)
It’s deleted the maps and so won’t work at all until it reconnects to WiFi, which it will do when I shut it down and restart.
Give it five minutes and it drops out again...?

What’s going on? Surely it can’t be that bad


  • Hullgeezer
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    Thanks, but at the moment not really.

    I’m more wondering why it keeps dropping out of WiFi (when all is fine elsewhere). It’s like it really struggles to keep connected.
    That can’t be normal can it??
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Hullgeezer

    If you have 30mb download you should be okay speed wise. There are sometimes problems with Antivirus software and other non TT related matters. Not my forte I am afraid.

    Have you tried attaching it to your Computer and updating it through your PC with MyDrive working in the background. This is the method suggested if you have slowish Wifi so maybe worth a try anyway.

    See @yamfazman's info on updating using PC with a Wifi unit on the following.

  • Hullgeezer
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    Thanks Doug.
    WiFi speeds etc are all top notch.
    Just seems the device struggles. Can’t explain why.

    Trying to avoid connecting to PC, it’s one of the reasons I got a WiFi device, to not have to mess connecting to computers.

    It might have to be done though as a last resort.

    At the moment it’s plodding On downloading a few percent of its update over WiFi before disconnecting, me turning it off and on again for it to start downloading another few percent, then repeat the process