My new Go 6200 will only load up in night time mode,

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Hello, I have just bought a new Go 6200 to replace my old Via 135 and am having a nightmare trying to get used to it. When I switch it on it will only load in night colour mode, I have tried changing the display option in settings to no avail.
I see from google that this can be an issue but there is no link to the answer!
Has anyone else come across this problem?
Many Thanks in advance.

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    Just a stab in the dark here here, but in the first page of the menu screen, there are two icons at the bottom right of the screen, one is for voice 'on/off' and the other toggles the screen from day to night and vice versa. I'd try tapping that icon before doing anything else. :)

    Also, and just remembered, give the device enough time to get a satellite fix. I'm guessing you'll already know that, but it can take a couple of minutes for the device to 'find' the satellites and gather the data it needs to determine the locale, time of day and consequently, screen mode.
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    Many thanks to you all, all correct, problem now solved bfn