TOMTOM 5100 Navigation is using small (mounten) roads in stead of the regular route.

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When I was driving in Czech Republic, the naviagion direct me to another location via very small roads. Disadvantage of Czech roads is that all non-highway roads have a speedlimit of 90 km/h. But on these small (mounten) roads the avarage speed is most of the time not higher then 50 km/h.


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    I agree with you, not only in Czech Republic, but almost everywhere shortcuts can be very dangerous. It looks as if who designed the route selection option of the Tom Tom have never fully used the Tom Tom in real life.
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    Hi @PVS

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    I actually have an open ticket for the routing issue, especially through narrow lanes.

    I would request you please report this to the customer service.

    Vikram :)