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I first bought a Rider 400 a few years ago and during it's 1st serious usage it suffered from water ingress and became unusable. It was replaced under warranty. This week on the 1st day of a week long holiday this one just suddenly froze. Two days later it suddenly turned back on again at the place it had frozen. Since then it seemingly turns on and off at random and cannot be turned on manually or when it is connected to the computer, the docking mount is showing 5.55v. These things seem to be totally unreliable and I'm not really sure if I even want to try fixing it as I'm not sure I can trust it anymore. They are not fit for the purpose they are sold for. My wife has had a Garmin in her car for years with no problems, maybe I have to go that way.


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    Try to reset your device and Update is with the latest software.

    Select the Main Menu button in Map View or Guidance View to show the Main Menu.

    Scroll to the right of the screen and select the Settings button.

    Scroll to the right of this menu and select System.

    In the System menu, select Reset.

    Select Reset again to confirm.

    A warning screen appears to confirm the deletion of your saved places and settings. Select Reset to confirm.

    Your device resets and restarts.

    Make sure that you are logged into your TomTom account on your navigation device:
    Select the Main Menu button then select TomTom Services. Log in with your username (email address) and password.
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    Thanks RoadRider for your comments. The problem with mine was it would not turn on at all. Tomtom have accepted it for repair, so we will see what happens. Tomtom service have been very helpful.