Tiny Map updates to my Go 920 don't fit

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Why does TomTom want me to transfer 2500 MB of European maps to my computer to make space for 10 MB of updates? It's saying that I need to free up 373 MB of space. So if I throw out all the maps, will they fit on the 4000 MB navi afterwards? Doesn't make sense. I didn't have this problem last year when I updated. Does it really mean that they have made the maps 373 MB bigger? Seems an unbelievable lot. I don't get it.

If the maps have really suddenly grown bigger, is there any way I can figure out which of some other programs I can safely delete on the navi in order to free up 373 MB? I can see all the programs but the purpose of each one is not clear. Probably too risky.

Do I have just to accept it and not update? Would like to understand it as well though.


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    Hi @Johninch

    Maps have been getting bigger as more detail and roads etc are added. On the current models the Full Europe map is over 8gb.

    As you say your TT only has 4gb of memory for the Operating Software, Maps and any other stuff you load on it like Poi files. The operating system also requires some spare space on it to be available for operating purposes.

    The attached video describes how to load Mapzones so you might like to see if this will work for you. From memory when I used to do this if you loaded all the available Zones onto your computer you were able to change the zone if you needed to without being connected to the internet. Don't know if that still applies however it was. essential you downloaded all the zones. If you missed one then you had to be connected even if you are not trying to log the missing one.


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    Thanks Doug

    My installed map region is total Europe with all 45 countries but not divided into zones. The total space used by the maps is 2.5 GB. Together with the installed add-ons and software, the 4 GB device is nearly full. TomTom is telling me that I have enough space for the listed updates, although not much more.

    According to what you are saying, I have to assume that there has been considerable revision to all or some of the countries in recent months since I did my last update, although 15% more roads and stuff in a just a few months is a lot. Perhaps there were mods for other reasons, and I suppose that updates can only be made to the revised maps.

    My bad luck. Still, the device has performed well for quite a few years so I will continue to use it without updates. Thanks for your info.

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    Why not just add an SD card for additional memory (8Gb would suffice) and they're cheap as chips nowadays [under £5] too?
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    It turns out that the device had not been updated for a couple of years. I found this out when I discovered that several MP3 CDs were loaded. They take up a lot of space, which is now needed for the larger map files. So I removed a couple of CDs and the updating was successful.

    Not very smart of the updating program to require that i remove the maps to the computer. How does it think I am going to use the device afterwards??? It should have told me to remove music and photos first.

    Still, it's a good device for people like me who don't have a car with Bluetooth, or in the case of my wife's Audi which has Bluetooth for telephone only. The GO 920 sends music to standard Bluetooth headphones, which is nice to shut driving noise out. Don't know how dangerous this is though - have to be careful.

    Thanks for the tip on adding a SD card, which I will consider when necessary.