Step-by-step differences in using a route vs. track

Myong Ho
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I almost exclusively use the unit to follow tracks that I import from gpx files.
When one track is selected, it gives you the option to ride to start or nearest
and then I assume it will start the route/track guidance.
Is this correct? Is it the same with a route?
Are there any differences you noted?


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    Hi Ride to start it exactly that. Ride to nearest again requires little explanation it will take you to the nearest point from your present location to the route then allow you to continue the rest of the route.
    Tracks have a lot more waypoints that routes so if you miss a turn then you keep getting nagged to make U turn. Routes will eventually recalculate and take you to the nearest point along the route Careful using routes that cross your path sometimes the device can get confused and you end up in a never ending loop.
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    I think I understand what happened now. Thanks for the answers. So if I load a track and choose "Ride to Start" it really means I have to ride to that spot in order for the unit to start the track. Do tracks have two waypoints- start and end? Only one waypoint if it's a loop?
  • Ste7ios
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    Tracks always have a start and an end.

    I used them only when I want to design a route because I need its versatility. I begin with the places I want to visit and then I add some intermediate waypoints to guide the navigator to more specific roads.
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    What is the best way to design a route? . I am comfortable using mydrive but I do like google street view which is great for checking roads which are good for motorcycling. Hopping between the two is a bit of a pain. I’d like to be able to copy coordinates from mydrive and past into google but although they appear momentarily when you click somewhere in mydrive map, there doesn’t seem to be a way to copy them to clipboard. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Try MyRoute-app...

    When street view is needed I open both maps in parallel at the same ratio and checking the route step by step...
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    Hi @Michaelkeay

    Have a look at the Mapcode Website or the Mapcode App.

    When you open it and put the map into Hybrid mode you get a sat view map like Goole Earth. You can search for addresses and UK Postcodes etc or browse the map and find an exact spot. This generates an Address, a Mapcode and Long/Lat for the spot and you can Cut and Paste the Long/Lat or the Mapcode.. The Mapcodes produced do not work in MyDrive or Google Earth but do work in most Tomtom Satnavs and the Tomtom Go App.

    If you are in the UK and have the European map and type DH.FX in Search and accept the first result you will be directed to the Middle gate at Buckingham Palace if you are elsewhere in Europe you will have to put GBR in front of the Code.. Mapcodes are accurate enough to pick out a Parking Lot in a Carpark and work worldwide but only on Tomtom..