Hiding MyPlaces Icons in Route Preview

Myong Ho
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Is there a way to hide all POI including Favorites when previewing a route? ie when a MyRoute is selected, I'd like to see the blue route/track and not the huge MyPlaces icons on the map. Most of the time, these icons obscure everything unless you zoom in.


  • YamFazMan
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    @Myong Ho

    Maybe worth a look... I use this method as a workaround for my "_Favorite Catagory"... Your POI Category titles could be anything you choose (Saves the MyPlaces blue star screen clutter)

    Create a POI Category with your Favorite places
    Using your PC to build your own MyPlaces (Favorites) Database and load them into your Go
    Download the Free Tyre to Travel Basic.....
    Here... http://www.tyretotravel.com/download-tyre/
    Using the large screen on your PC to view the maps, it easier than to scrolling around the screen of your Tomtom GO to find your MyPlaces (Favorites)

    (1)..... Run Tyre to Travel
    Wait for Tyre to stop being busy

    (2).....Double Click on the Tyre map at the position you would like to create a POI (Favorite) or use the yellow box in Tyre to search for addresses postcodes etc...

    (3)….. To prevent double entry's in MyPlaces on the GO, when you are planning POI's (_Favorites), edit the names of your POI's so they each POI has a unique name that means something to you or modify the Name offered by Tyre so it becomes unique
    (3.1)..... When you have finished compiling your list,
    (3.2)….. From the Tyre "File Tab" select "Convert to a TomTom POI File”

    (3.3)….. From the Tyre "File Tab” Select “Save as" I saved my file to the Desktop as "_Favorites (Note "_Favorites.ov2" The Underscore before the "_F" is not displayed on the Tomtom screen, but it forces the POI category to the top of the list

    Note: Saving a file is the only way I have found to give the file the name you want rather than the default name, it’s also handy to have a backup of your .Ov2 file on your PC

    (4.0)..... Use My Drive to load your New Favorites POI Category to your device

    Using MyDrive.....

    You can now delete the MyPlaces that aren't required (Saves the MyPlaces blue star screen clutter) and use your New Favorites POI Category instead

    Searching a POI Category
    See... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1241063/#Comment_1241063

  • Myong Ho
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    Nice work around. A little tedious but better than all MyPlaces icons cluttering up the screen.
    I'd be perfectly happy with Rider550 displaying MyPlaces once I zoom in but that would be too easy :)
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    @Myong Ho

    If you wanted to Convert your existing MyPlaces to a Personal POI Category

    Many users have asked for the facility to backup their MyPlaces to a PC
    The MyDrive Route planner allows you to download your data from the Tomtom Cloud
    The file looks like unusable Gobbledegook, the MyPlaces can be found in the file
    Click on image to enlarge....

    User Ethoz....
    Posted a link to a excellent Tomtom MyPlaces to .Ov2 POI file converter tool

    There's a Mac & PC version ....

    Download and install TomtomPOI.exe from the above link
    Note... I have Virus checked the file with Avast Anti Virus all OK
    Run TomtomPOI

    Ist Click on Open...
    Find/Load the (Your user name goes here)_MyDrive.json.gz file Saved from the Tomtom MyDrive Web Route planner
    2nd Click on Copy
    3rd Click on Yes
    4th Click on Yes
    5th Click on Save
    Name the .Ov2 file & Save to the PC Desktop