No maps on my device

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Hello! I've just paid € 60 for the update of European maps on my Tom Tom Via 125. At the beginning all went well, but then when I restarted my device this error appears "Impossible to find maps on your device. Connect the device to the PC and look for updates by using My Tom Tom. Please install all updates on the list".
If I check with the "My drive connect" app all maps are updated and it seems that the device is correctly working.
What can I do? i've tried to restart the device, but the error appears again.


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    You can try to clear the download Folder of MyDrive Connetab4ay2voqubs.jpg
    Then restart your computer and make a reset on your device

    rest= When the device is on, then Press the On button til you hear the Drumsound and the device starts again.

    Now try the update again.
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    Hi @Domenico55

    Further to Lockfass when you connect your Via 125 and turn on MyDrive connect.and click on My Content you should see the amount of memory being used on your internal memory and external memory if you have some. This might show if the map is supposed to be there.

    Below that you should see the Map that is associated with your unit. If you click on that Map Picture you get a bit more information. Maybe the map is corrupted so trying to reload it may be the way to go but you would have to delete it first.

    Or if you can load the map or Load a smaller map then you could if you load the smaller map repeat the operation and select to change the map to the larger one again afterwards. Note the version and size of the map it says you have on it.