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How to update

I am trying to update the three items shown on 'My Drive'. Should I completely remove my current maps prior to updating (I haven't done so before). This time I am jumping through hoops and getting nowhere. I select update all and nothing happens other than taken to remove content screen. I attempt to remove content to free up space as suggested (albeit device has enough space to accept content). This works on camera areas only. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong??

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,879

    I assume that you have a GO 5000 as your profile states and if so the internal memory is probably very full..

    When you click on updates, and you should do them one at a time preferably, and ask them to load then where maps are concerned the first action that happens on your unit is the current map is deleted to make way. This is why if you have an interruption during the update you can finish up with no map on the unit.

    If you have the European Map on your unit then you will need to buy a Micro SD Class 10 memory card from a reputable source to avoid the fakes that are around. Sandisk or Samsung ors similar major manufacturer are fine. a.

    16gb or max 32gb card would be the right ones to get as the current Full European map is circa 8+gb. with this memory loaded it will keep the Software on the unit and the put the map on the Extra memory.

    On the off chance you already have extra memory on the unit if you have 16gb already then I would suggest you get a 32gb card and load the maps via MyDrive connect on that.

  • DERICK-MOJACARDERICK-MOJACAR Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Doug thanks for coming back so soon. yes GO5000. I have tried everything except the SD card which I have been trying to locate for some time. I have just asked the system to update me with Europe and Benelux . Not what I actually want but that
    is now downloading?? I will check again the Tom Tom site to see if I can purchase an SD card direct and try again.

  • DERICK-MOJACARDERICK-MOJACAR Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Doug
    Thanks again. I am currently looking on Amazon but will now use your link and get on
  • DERICK-MOJACARDERICK-MOJACAR Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Sorry that should have read 'AND GET ONE'.
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