GO 6200 - Map Corrections are never uploaded, corrections disappear

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Hello. I ve been trying for year to correct the speed on the N74 in Belgium, between Zonhoven and Houthalen. For at least 3 years, TomTom has been giving 70 kmh as the max speed, while it's always been 90 kmh. The reports are supposedly accepted and sent, but nothing is ever done with them. Tomtom supoport has no other answer than to use the Map Editor. I find that unacceptable. The editor is a mess. Setting a correct speed over a long distance is impossible, because it zooms in very close as soon as you try to set the "from" and "to" flags. I have tried getting this solved through Support but they won't even admit that there's a problem...


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    Submitting a photo might help. Trouble is if TomTom's sources, such as municipal data, state 70kmh they will tend to believe their source rather than an unknown reporter.

    That's not to say TomTom's correction process is working well, but the more info you can provide to back up your correction the better.