via 52 keeps crashing from new

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i have had the via 52 since October 2018 and over the few months i have owned it, it crashes at least 3 times a week and this last few days it seems to crash then do bootup loop then crashes againg .

tried taking it back to pc world where i bought it and was told they would not replace or refund.
i would have to contact tomtom.

this i have tried with no joy.

the unit must be faulty, i keep being told to update the map witch i do and it still keeps crashing.

TomTom why can you not just replace a faulty device within the 12 months warranty and stop running customer around wasting time.

this is my 3rd tom tom in 15 years and to be fair in the past they have always worked flawless but this via52 has done nothing but crash all the time and when you drive as part of your job its a real pain when you buy a new satnav and witihin days its playing up.



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    TomTom Pleas contact me via email asap [email protected] as this needs to be resolved as this is silly that a faulty device that has be drum reset most days and defaulted must be on a weekly basis will not be replaced under warranty

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