Where have all the overnight stops gone?

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I’ve just done an update on the sat nav, and all the overnight parking places have disappeared. In Setti gs -Appearance, there is no ‘Show POI’ option. Any ideas? TIA, Tanya


  • DougLap
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    Hi @tanya17

    I assume that you have loaded a 3rd Party Overnight Parking Places POI file onto the unit using MyDrive..

    Do you see the file listed when you open My Places on the GO Camper and scroll down.

    It you open Mydrive do you see it still loaded there. 3rd icon down on left then Tap on POI Files

    If the file has got removed somehow from the GO Camper it should reload itself when it syncs back to your Account if it is showing in MYDrive.

    Check that your GO Camper is logging into MyDrive

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap My Drive.

    If it IS logged in it should say Stop Syncing bottom Right If not Log in.

  • tanya17
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    Hi Doug, The POIs were already preloaded. I think I’ve got them back again now. Thanks for help, Tanya