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Morning, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with your updates causing issues.

I have been a customer of tomtom for many years and now with the advancement in technology being deployed in the GPS rages you have gone backwards or the software people are lazy.

The issue is every time I have updated my 620 or 400 the speed cameras disappear. I have raised tickets on these issues.

When the update take place I would assume that everything is ok. There is no way of telling the cameras have disappeared until you pass one and there is no icon or warning. The reason they are on the GPS is to provide warnings, so you fail on that count….
I also note that if I set the WIFI to my phone hotspot it is extremely hit and miss if it connects or connection is shown. EVEN if the apple Iphone shows one connection.

So is it an issue that the software engineers do not test the updates correctly or laziness on the cost savings.

I have read various forums and I am not alone in this issue. Whats going on ??

400 has no warnings
620 has no warnings

I have completed reset by holding the power switch until the drum beats. BOTH devices
On the 400 done a reset under the systems icon.


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