How can I navigate using UK post code on Tom Tom via 52?

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I have bought a Tom Tom via 52 this month to replace a tom tom with a failed screen. I am unable to navigate using a post code, as a street address is required. Many places I visit have no street name. I have noticed 2+ years of posts raising this issue and it seems there is no fix for it. I've spent £100 on this device and it is useless to me without the means to navigate by post code. Please tell me this has a fix? If it hasn't how do I go about getting a refund when it is unboxed? I feel cheated and misled by tom tom. I can't afford to buy another device.


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    Hi @McEwan

    With your model you have the option to select either Quick Search or Step by step search. modes. If so

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System

    Tap Choose a search mode.

    Select Quick Search.

    There is a known bug re Post Codes with Step by Step. You should find Quick Search finds what you want and not just Post Codes.

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    I have a Tom Tom GO ESSENTIAL and you advice has help me many thanks