Speed camera update failed to install AGAIN!!

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@VikramK its getting really regular again that the updates fail once more and again. My install failed again today that's like at least once twice a month now.

Last weeks speed camera failed with the dreaded fail to install message.

Wait a week for Tuesday`s and lo its failed on install again.



  • VikramK
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    Thanks, D-Stream and Lochfrass

    I am collecting these and I will send them for further investigation.

  • John-Jay
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    On my GO5100 I often get a "Something gone wrong" type of message on my Device, when I update the Speed Cameras - yet, at the same time, MDC is stating that the update was successful!

    On refreshing MDC, it then advises that there is another "new" Speed Camera Update, but this time it is only about 20k in size (normally a Speed Camera Update is about 5M in size).

    Running update again usually then results in an "apparent" successful download/update!

    My "assumption is that the first attempt at updating "almost-completed" but left behind some "bits" - these "bits" being completed at the second attempt!

    However, I clearly have no way of knowing if my "assumption" is correct - it could easily be possible that the initial attempt at updating totally failed & that the second attempt ONLY managed to load the "bits".

    Either way, it really does NOT provide confidence that I have a correctly updated Device!
  • ginny1662
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    Today I purchased speed camera subscription that had expired. I could not download it. What should I do? I see the purchase in my orders but I don't see where I can install it.
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    Hi ginny1662
    When the cameras are available, it will be displayed as an update in MyDrive Connect
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    Speed cameras paid updated on the unit over Wi-fi home as I usually do but it does not work when driving