updated sd card now sd card not recognised and no maps.. help!!please

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hi I have updated my Carminat sd card as advised by Renault now the the card is not recognised by Tom Tom home and if I insert into the car it continually loops around hour glass installs and states no map installed. I have looked on the sd card on my Mac and the sd card shows maps but the file is only 33kB? can someone help?


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    Hi @rawly1s

    Please send me the system information and a screenshot of the contents in the map folder.

    The System Information can be found by following the steps below:

    • Connect your device to the computer, turn it on, and then open TomTom HOME
    • Click on Help > System information
    • Click on Copy

    Click here to message me all this info.

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    hi thanks I actually sorted it.. the first issue was the sd card was not recognised by Tom Tom home. I tried several attempts to get it to work but thankfully I had a backup. I reinstalled loopdir back onto the sd card ( despite many posts telling me to remove it) and then installed back into car. took it out then Tom Tom home recognised the card. fortunately despite multiple previous attempts at updates, another update was available. I installed this and hey presto it worked.
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    Hi @rawly1s

    I am marking this for @VikramK to see.