Max amount of My Places (favorites) Go 6200?

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How many My Places can you store on the Go 6200? (50, 100, 200, 1000 etc.?). Currently in posesion of an ancient Go 930 and looking around for a replacement and my eye fell on the 6200.

I do ask about the max amount of My Places (favorites) since I have and do use a lot of POI on my old navigator and reading on this forum about POI with the new models doesn’t maken me happy yet.

What I love about my old 930 is that you can manualy custom and add POI (in your own groups with symbol) on the nagigator directly by clicking on the MAP and add a POI. Reading on this forum this option is no longer available at the newer models and with all kind of workarounds (third pary poi editors & my drive constructions) you get back something close to the old POI adding. But a lot of extra handling that still doesn’t come 100% to what i have. Also reading that people are asking for this POI custom adding option for years, but still not implemented in the new software.

That’s why I am curious about the Max amount of My place I can store on the 6200? On my old 930 it had a limit of 48 or something and thats when I went to POIs.

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    His @foxfire

    The GO 6200 holds far more favourites in My Places ,, I think at least 255, and @YamFazMan has lots of information on saving your favourites into POI files which you can add to the unit.

    Yes you cannot add Poi places to a POI file on the unit so what you can do is use something like PoiEditore to keep the Poi file up to date and then copy the updated Poi file to the TT every now and again.

    Hopefully @YamFazMan will come on here and give you some helpful information. the GO 6200 is a Nice unit , I have the GO camper version of it, and the operating system is totally different to the old style units.


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    I suppose the answer is I don't know... When the Tomtom 'Content Transfer Assistant' was still available (Now withdrawn by Tomtom)
    The Max Favorites you could transfer to MyPlaces using the Transfer Assistant was 98

    In the early days of the NAV4 devices you could use a 3rd party program to side-load Favorites into MyPlaces... I had 900 loaded another user had 1300
    (But Tomtom knocked that little trick on the head) :'(
    When the Tomtom released the update Version 17.1 that allowed 3rd party POIs to be installed... At the same time they changed the memory location where the MyPlaces were stored and stopped the 3rd party program loading the MyPlaces to the device :/

    Incidentally If you still have a copy of the 'Content Transfer Assistant' (Now withdrawn by Tomtom) it still transfers between the NAV2 & NAV3 Devices, but will NOT transfer data to the NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) Devices

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    Hi @YamFazMan

    We had someone the other day who said he had 100's o his unit and couldn't load any more. maybe we should ask @VikramK to answer us here.

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    Thanks for the answers YFM, Doug and Vikram.

    I see that the 6200 has 16GB internal memory so normally (at the start) enough to create plenty of My Places to add. It will eventually be “colored” on the map ;-)

    Any advise on a good free POI editor?