can i get voice control for 620 Serena' & 'Malcolm

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Hello i cant set-up voice control for my 620 because it says cannot use with your display language, i live in Belgium now and bought it on a Belgium web site, (cool blue). i read on forums that you can add it to my account , is this possible pls.

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    Hi 'firemanuk'

    I think 'VikramK' (site moderator) is the guy to help you here. I somehow lost 'Serena' from my nav device during an update. Vikram kindly added the voice to my account for me to download, so it is possible, and I'm guessing there are no 'protocols' which would prevent that in Belgium.

    All being well, Vikram will be online during tomorrow (Monday 18th) if not sooner.

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    ok thx bro
  • VikramK
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    Hi @firemanuk

    Welcome to the community!

    Two computer voices- Serena and Malcolm added for your device(GO 620 WiFi)

    Please download then when connected to a WiFi internet connection.

    Vikram :)