Wrong device registered in my account

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I own a Tomtom 520, but my account is showing a Tomtom Go essential with the serial number of my device.
This is causing problems when I want to pair my device with "my drive connect" or pairing my device with blue tooth.
How can I change the devicein my account?


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    Hi geisendr

    Contact Customer support tomorrow. have the serial number ready for them.

    Belgique027 007 272

    du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30
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    What is the problem with MyDrive Connect?
    The Go520 is a Wifi device. If you have connected it with MyDrive Connect and the USB cable you will see the following picture on your PC3bvf7rcvit0h.jpg
    (sorry for the German screenshot)
    All operations for updating and adding maps are performed on the screen of the navigation device and not on the PC.
    Some users also reported this in the German Forum, but there were no problems.

    Maybe the Support can rename your device
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    With MyDrive Connect running...
    Tap on the Gear Icon screen top right
    Tap on the General Tab
    On the Country Tab... Select 'Belgique (Francais)'
    Save setting... All will be well :)