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I'm getting really frustrated trying to update a Start25. 4 updates were listed, and the first three did so without problem - BUT when I tried to update the (European) map the installation failed for no obvious reason. I tried reinstalling several times , but the same thing happened each time.
MyDrive Connect says that the map is corrupt, and so I have tried to reinstall the map but it automatically starts trying to download again before I have time to click on uninstall.
Currently the device says `No Maps Installed`, and when the download automatically starts again, it just displays `Updating` whilst Updatin g Device in MyDrive Connect displaYS `Getting Ready`, until after a while it fails and says `Something Has Gone Wrong`.
This has been going on for two days and i'm making no progress at all.
The same thing happened last year when I updated, but that time I was able to uninstall them map, and eventually managed to reinstall it.


  • TomTom Teffs
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    Since posting this, I have managed to use MyDrive Connect without the download starting. HOWEVER, while it is telling me that there is no map installed I now can't reinstall it without freeing up some space on the TomTom but won't let me Uninstall anything because there is no map installed ?!
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    Hi @TomTom Teffs

    I would suggest that you fit a Micro SD Class 10 Card from a major Manufacturer like Sandisk and Samsung, either 16GB or 32Gb card, then a full European map will load there.

    It is virtually impossible to fit the European Map on the internal memory as you will have to delete almost everything including any POI files you may have loaded and still leave 400mb still available on the internal memory which the unit requires for operational purposes.