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How can I find an address that is out of town or between 2 towns?

KlausGKlausG Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
It seems that addresses in the county cannot be programmed. Another problem I have encountered is that I am in an unfamiliar area and don't know the town or ZIP code to program. In Bremerton WA thom quits at the City limits on Wheaton Way -what city do I program in to get an address after that? The next city is miles away. Is there somewhere a way to use a County? or simply the state without a city?


  • nabunabu Posts: 15,684
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    More info about this place

  • KlausGKlausG Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    My TT device does not have google maps or the internet - as far as I know. So the map and URL showing is useless when I am in my car.
    If it shows a delineation of the TT city limits - then what is missing is what is just beyond that. No way to program any address beyond that - in between towns.
  • nabunabu Posts: 15,684
    you can not go to a place. distant without address or latitude latitude coordinates

    or slide the map and put your finger on the exact spot

      not Google Maps on your telefon
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    HI @KlausG

    You have not indicated what TT unit you have.

    By any chance when you

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search

    does it say Near Me at the top Right of the Screen. If it does Tap Near Me and change it to Whole Map so the it can search addresses other than near where you are when you go to use the unit.

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