Updating Speed Cameras on the GO 5200

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I have a lifetime subscription to Updates for Speed Cameras on GO5200. I update and then a couple of days later I get a message to say there is 1 new Update of exactly the same amount of 554? need updating. Anyonelse have this problem please and if so how do I fix it please?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @AnnetteB

    The Speed camera file is offered to me on a similar regular basis. There may well be differences in what the data in it is as changes take place but they are likely to be very small variations in the overall data file size.

    You can ignore it and do it every now and again. When you do it then you will have the latest .information.

  • GaryGM
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    DougLap is correct: the file adding (or removing) one speed camera will be identical in size to all other files that add (or remove) one speed camera because the only difference in the files is the location and the location is a series of numbers all of which are the same length - thus the file size does not change.