Rider 550 dock not working

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Hi I have recently purchased a new rider 550, the dock however did not charge the device when connected I have been in touch with support who asked me to return the dock for repair. I received a new dock several days later however that did not work either, I am now on my third dock. the last 1 I have had checked by an electrician who confirmed there was no voltage at the pins. I am getting no where with support who in my opinion are not in the least helpful. I am now also past the point of being able to get a refund from the shop I purchased it from. I feel like I am in some sort of loop with support who say one thing in an email then say something completly different in another. Any ideas on where my next stop should be as I have tried ringing the UK tech line to no avail. I also have a trip planned into Europe but at the rate I am going I will have no sat nav for guidance


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    Your electrician said there was no voltage at the pins , did the electrician test the feed from the power supply ? three docks in a row would suggest that the problem is elsewhere. Is the dock connected to the bikes battery direct of via a switched supply ( Relay) are they the correct polarity ? and/or it could be the PND its self , did Tomtom replace the device too, or have you maybe tested this on a friends who has a similar using ( 400 up) dock?
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    Maybe your cable is broken. Is there voltage at the socket at the end of the cable?

    And if there is no voltage at the socket at the end of the cable please also check the voltage at the point where you made the connection to the 12V power source.
    (I also recommend to add a fuse between the TomTom Power cable and + 12V and to use a switched power source)