I have a planned route on MyDrive on my laptop & with mMyDrive running & my Tom Tom Via 1510 plugged

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How do I transfer routes from my laptop to my device?

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  • DougLap
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    HI @Bill Wrightly

    I don't know your TT unit however how I do it to my unit is as follows.

    I open. the MyDrive webpage, Not Mydrive Connect, and log into my Tomtom account.

    In the left column is a menu with the 4th Down being My Routes.

    Click on that and you should have an option to Import a GPX file. when you click on that the route, which should be in GPX format, should be found and selected.

    This then is loaded and saved to the account. If you then connect your unit it should Sync to My Routes on the device..

    Hope that helps.