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I have a GO520,when i try to upgrade my maps it tells me, my GPS is out of date, yet when I go to look at what is offered, and there is the exact unit I already have, please explain.


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    This site is a total mine field when it comes to asking a simple question
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    Hi @webbie48

    There was a GO520 many years ago, circa 2006/7 which uses TomTom HOME software for updates. The unit is totally different to the newer model which uses different software internally and for updating if necessary.

    Have a look here to see if your unit is an obsolete one. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check you serial number.


    As you say a GO520 is listed on The Australian site. If it is what you have then I think that to update it you will be told by it that there are Updates available and then you:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Updates and New Items

    It then uses your Wifi connection to complete this operation. If your do not have a Wifi connection or it is poor it can be done via a computer using Tomtom MyDrive Connect software. When you connect the GO520 the software has to be running in the background. Search Videos here for help to do this .