Spoken directions not fluid, anyone seen that before ? GO 6100

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The spoken direction instructions have gone wierd on my 6100 : "after ........ 300 meters , go ..... right" . A bit like someone trying to be funny and pausing before giving you the important bits .....


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @ReneFF

    Try to do a Soft Reset:
    - Press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds until you hear a drum sound, release the button.

    Your country of residence isn't mentioned in your profile.
    Your map is installed on a microSD?
    EU maps, even with fewer buildings, have become too big for the on-board memory (8GB) of our devices. The operation of the device is slowed/blocked by the lack of free space. It must remain at least 400MB free for optimal operation.