Knowing exactly the map coverage for Bosnia of a tomtom device before buying

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I would like to buy a new tomtom device as soon as possible. I have narrowed my choices to either the via 52 or the go basic 5. Both seem to be very similar without much differences.
But my question is different. Both of these devices include lifetime map update for Europe. But it's not clear the extant of this european coverage.
I will go to Bosnia-Herzegovina later this month and I will use my new navigator there. On tomtom belgian page for both these devices, it states that only main roads are covered for Bosnia. On other pages, about tomtom european maps, it states that the coverage for Bosnia is either 77% or even better.
Before buying one of these devices, I would like to know which information is correct about Bosnia. Is there a difference depending on the country where you buy the product ?
If only main roads are included on these navigators, will I be able to update for free to get at least a 77% coverage.

I thank you in advance for your answer.

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