MyDrive Connect is always updating a map I have uninstalled from the device

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I went on holiday and swapped out the Europe map on my Go 600 for the USA one. One return I found that I could no longer put the Europe map back on due to all the unecessary rubbish they now bundle with the maps (3D everything).
I purchased an SD card and loaded Europe onto the SD card, then deleted the US map from the unit.
Every time I connect my device it is telling me there is a map update I have to accept and an hour latter it has put back on the device the USA map.
Does anyone know how to stop it trying to update content that is not on the device?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Andygadget

    Does it not show that it is an update for the US map.. If it does ignore it.

    If you go to Mydrive Connect and look under My Maps you should see the US map as available for your unit and so you could reload it if you wanted. That is why you will be advised of Updates being available.