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Why does it take so long to have a report activated on Map Share, ie, I have had two speed limits changes pending for a long time and we have had two full map updates. I had one for a change to a roundabout and that as been done.


  • Megalos
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    Yes, speed limit reports currently seem to take much longer than other reports. Not sure when they will catch up again on these.
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    Speed limit changes seem to ignored unless you have really good documentation -- in other words, photo evidence. But even then, if municipal data say otherwise it seems those data win.

    My last map update was a disaster in my area. Many speed limits which used to be 100% correct are now incorrect. No idea what happened but clearly they do update them. Just not correctly sometimes!
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    Wouldn't it be a great idea to pin some FAQ article here, in this subforum with such questions?

    As far as speed limits are concerned:

    They lag with those reports about 2 years. Even when photo attached.

    PS Yes, the photo doesn't show 2-year delay but I cannot view reports older than 1 year, so there you have it. :)
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    I tried to report a road that has been blocked off permanently and not just recently either by the look of it. Mapshare Reporter let me input all the required information and I added a photo from Google maps for good measure but all I received for this effort was a message saying my submission had failed (no clue as to why). What a total waste of space is Mapshare Reporter these days.