How to transfer new destination to Via 135 via bluetooth

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I am trying to send a new destination to my Via 135 from an I Pad via bluetooth Both devices say they are connected but new destination does not appear on TomTom after I click send destination


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    The Via 135 is a NAV3 Device and has a very limited panning options
    You can only plan a route directly on the device
    You can only plan an itinerary route with a Start 3 Stops and an End Point
    The route cannot not be saved it will be lost after a shutdown

    Maybe worth a look... The Work around I used to use on my NAV3 Via 120 Live
    I think Tyre still imports .gpx files and converts them to .Ov2 files

    The Free “Tyre to Travel” program works with the standard NAV3 Tomtoms using POI Categories

    Creating and Loading POI Categories into your Tomtom using the free version of Tyre to Travel
    A kind of remote Itinerary planning on your PC

    Download the Free Tyre to Travel.....

    Tyre To Travel uses the large screen on your PC to view the maps, it easier than to scrolling around the screen of your Tomtom Via to find your waypoints (Stops)
    Note..... Click the yellow box on Tyre screen to search for addresses

    With the latest Tyre you can compile a route on your PC, and convert it a "POI Category" Inside the .Ov2 POI file will be your POI's (To force the Category to appear at the top of the POI categories list in your Tomtom I called mine "AAA Trip (Put today's date or some trip identifier here)”
    Inside the POI category will be your POI's: on your Tomtom they will show in the order by distance from your present location.

    If you use some naming system like like the suggestion below, when you load them on to your Tomtom they should end up in Numerical Order inside your POI Category.

    While you are planning your route in Tyre, if you edit the names of your POI's so they each POI has a unique name (Say "01stop", "02stop", "03stop" etc ... then the last on as "##End" the ## being the last Stop number) I just add the “01stop” "02stop", "03stop" etc…as a prefix to the Name offered by Tyre
    After you have planned your route using Tyre and you are happy with the result go to the 'File Menu' in Tyre click on 'Convert to a Tomtom POI file’ at the popup window answer 'Yes'
    You can then upload the POI Category into your Tomtom using the Button

    Then navigate from POI to POI with your Tomtom planning the routes between the POI's.