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Unknown SatNav support website (Scam?)

mrleemrlee Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]

My friend was looking how to update his old TomTom satnav and found a website Satnavnavigationmart.com that offers support.

I don't know how he managed to get there, but he was talking to a support guy on the phone already and this guy was remotely connected to my friends computer. So when he went to get me, I picked up a phone and I can see this support fella has opened windows registry/event register and started talking about some problem with hardware and as soon as he mentioned virus, that immediately rang a bell and I said I have never heard that TomTom official support would actually remotely connect to their customer's computer to troubleshoot.

So I have terminated remote session and made sure there we no malware injected/shared or any files edited or copied.

Thing is, I have studied computer science and I know that this is exactly how scammers behave, their ask you to download TeamViewer or any other remote control software, then they say there is a virus or problem and ask to pay. These are low level ones, that scam people of their money without injecting the system with keyloggers etc.

First of all, remote support from this type of company, does not seem right to me. Can you confirm if your company has such policy and/or support team that actually provides remote support for people?

Second, the guy on the phone did not have right windows opened. When you update your software or install new things, you don't need to open windows registry and device manager to see system files.

Third, when I said that I did not know that TomTom provides remote support for customers and he said ''well we provide different support and use different remote tools for that'' something along those lines. I did not bother to listen to him more, so when I started to ask questions on the spot, he just said ''so you will be installing updates yourself sir'' and basically said ''ok goodbye''?

Website's domain is quite new and there are no social presence on their twitter or facebook profiles. Very low traffic and no domain authority. I will look into this deeper when I'll have time, but for now just wanted to post this to see if I can get any reply from the official website.




  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,707 Moderator
    edited March 2019
    Thanks @mrlee

    As you said, not an official TomTom Support representative that...

    I will try to see if we can do something about the fraud website you mentioned..

    But surely if you don't go through TomTom.com then it's not official!

    Vikram :)
  • mrleemrlee Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks @VikramK

    I will try to find out how my friend ended up on this website in a first place. I have seen he had official TomTom website open aswell.

    Just wanted to get a confirmation that it's not a dedicated third party support, which your company contracts, to help your customers with software installation.

    I will call them up and have some fun, to see where they gonna lead me then :)

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,707 Moderator
    edited March 2019
    Hi @mrlee

    I have reported this internally so a team is looking into it.

    Just to help them out would it be possible for you to let us know how your friend ended up on this fraudulent website?

    This information could be helpful for them to understand the flow and take actions accordingly.

  • IabCIabC Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    I too contacted this company (https://www.satnavnavigationmart.com) by searching for tomtom lifetime map updates and the patter was exactly the same he told me I had internal conflicts which could only be rectified by purchasing his specific software He quoted various prices but I'd smelled a rat so he got nothing from me. When I challenged him as to who he worked for he said TOMTOM.
  • dmulvdmulv Posts: 675
    mrlee wrote: »
    I will call them up and have some fun, to see where they gonna lead me then :)

    Highly recommend this... it's a thoroughly enjoyable pastime.

    Last time I was on the line to them for 20 minutes having been passed on to 3 different people. I think my increasingly hysterical screams as they warned me about the various infections made them eventually give up.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,707 Moderator
    Hi @labC

    Were you using a search engine- Eg- Google, which landed you on the fraudulent website?

  • Tomato1Tomato1 Posts: 0 [New Seeker]

    I was trying to update the software on my very old Tomtom Go and was failing (app didn't recognise the tomtom was connected to the computer). I was googling support and contacted what I thought was the tomtom support team. The website title was 'TomTom Navigation' so I was fooled into thinking this but I was actually talking to the Satnavnavigationmart. They connected me to tech support and asked for remote access to my computer. I was watching them do stuff and they informed me of a problem with my IP address security. I was still on board then but got suspicious when they they tried to sell me a network firewall and continued support. It didn't seem like something the tomTom support team would do since they are not in the business of selling firewall systems!

    Has anyone had dealings with this website? I'm pretty worried as they had access to my computer!!

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,707 Moderator
    Hi @Tomato1

    Thanks for the heads up!

    I have moved your comment to a topic where this was reported earlier as well.

    I will forward your finding to the team.


  • DexterdodgyDexterdodgy Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    I was having trouble updating my satnav yesterday and googled tomtom support after I read elsewhere that the cure was to delete app and start again. I was looking for the download when a chat window opened and I explained what had occurred, I was than called by a technician who took over my pc with my permission and found that I had tracking software embedded in my pc, as my pc had become slower of late I let him continue and he showed me all the problems that a certified Microsoft engineer would fix for me probably take 20 minutes. However my pc needed a full security programme installed at a cost from them. I then explained that I build computers and his tone changed, I ended the conversation and deleted the log in software. Since then I have logged in to the official site and downloaded the app and updates with no problem.
  • HypertensionHypertension Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    Hi folks,

    Spent most of the day yesterday dealing with the fallout with one of these scams. My father is a pensioner but still drives a lorry to earn pennies. He relies on his professional TomTom to get himself around the country. Last week, his live traffic updates stopped working, despite him thinking he had lifetime traffic updates (which he does). He then went onto TomTom's webpage and bought a random £40 update package, which didn't work as it sounds like it wasn't for his device. So he bought another!!! This one for £30. When that one also didn't work, he Googled TomTom updates and clicked the first link. That is where his troubles began.

    From what I can tell, he then went through their live chat option, where they told him his device was corrupted and that he had 2 options. 1) to purchase a new £400 device or 2) to pay £270 for a "technician" to call him and reconfigure his device. He mentioned that he'd already spent £70 the day before on failed update packages, so they told him "they could see that so just pay the £200 difference for the device reconfiguration". This is what he did.

    Luckily for him, he paid this by bank transfer, but that didn't stop the scammer from then asking him for his credit card details. My father was intelligent enough at this point to question why they need that when he'd already made payment, to which they retorted "why, don't you trust us"???!!! They went on to say it was so they could create an account for my father, but luckily he told them he wasn't interested in an account and that was that.

    An hour or two later, somebody did indeed call him to gain access to his pc. He duly went through with it. The "technician" made comments during the process as he went through his personal files, including complimenting my father on the car he drove, and offering advice on his choice of antivirus and offering a further costly package to update that for him! He then clicked some buttons and told my father it was fixed and should now work correctly.

    Come Monday morning, in our morning chat, my father was telling me of the encounter. I only got halfway through before I told him to block his cards and brace himself for bad news. The following day I went to see him and sure enough, his PC was bricked. I can only imagine that the "technician" (at this point I wish to call him by some very insensitive names) deleted his master boot record, thus eliminating the possibility of him tracing his steps through his history. Or maybe its because they've been calling his mobile for the past two days to offer more "tech support" to his PC. Luckily for my father, the PC was handbuilt by me last year and was due an upgrade anyway, so a quick format of the drives and a quick reinstall and he was on his way. The bank has been notified, a freeze has been put on the bank account (which the bank can see contains just my fathers £200) and the bank seem able to get it back. I have a much wiser father who is now able to use a password manager and is more clued up when it comes to giving details out online. His email address has been changed and I will look to change his mobile number today.

    And yes, his device didn't need an upgrade, I believe it just needed a factory reset. Just as a precaution I did this anyway, just incase.

    So if anybody can please look into this and put pressure onto the relevent authorities, it'd be appreciated. It's a shame that most people won't even read this until AFTER a similar occurrence.

    Stay safe folks... H
  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 725 [Revered Pioneer]
    Hi, @Hypertension

    Obviously a very worrying story!!

    Any chance that you could establish the Web-Site Address of this Scammer? This might help stop others being caught & it is possible that TomTom could take action!
  • tonygrtonygr Posts: 77 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    I was checking to see whether a later version of the Europe map exists (my present version is October 2019) and a google search produced an ad for this website that said 2020 version. https://www.mysatnavupdate.com/
    I got involved with a web chat and then a technician called me who was saying things about corrupt software preventing my device finding the latest map and wanting me to follow his instructions. This rang alarm bells so I told him I would try again in a few days. Luckily I noticed (when it was too late to change it) that I had mistyped my email address.
    Having checked the FAQs on the official TomTom website I now suspect this is a scam site but could you confirm.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
    Hi @tonygr

    Definitely not a genuine Tomtom website. Flagged to @Luca and @VikramK

    Thank you for reporting it and how you got to the website.

  • tonygrtonygr Posts: 77 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Thanks. A lucky escape
  • needmapsneedmaps Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    They now seem to be using the line that downloads are now done only via satellite, and want to charge for a lifetime's service .Nothing about the computer having a fault.

    I thought I was on the genuine tomtom website, but googling again I can see what might be the scammer one at the top, with only AD at the front to warn you. The drop down webchat is plausible, and the man who rang me as a technician was very skillfull, and almost bamboozled me.
    And as I refused to give them any money, they had the cheek to email me an invoice so I can pay them now.
    Very unpleasant experience.
    Pity the telephone support line doesn't work at weekends.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
    Hi @needmaps

    Flagged to @Luca and @VikramK

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,066
    edited February 2020
    Hi All

    You can use the 'Who Called Me' free reverse phone number lookup tool to check a Phone number....
    Click Here... https://who-called.co.uk/

    Using the phone number on the Scam Website mentioned in the post above from user 'IabC'
    Link to forum post... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1631455/#Comment_1631455

    Phone number... 0800 689 1713

    Click Link and scroll down to see the replies... https://who-called.co.uk/Number/08006891713

  • LucaLuca Posts: 10
    edited February 2020
    Hi all, quite few updates since last time I visited this page, I'll try to respond to all in one post, so please forgive me if I missed to mention something!

    @DougLap, thanks a lot for mentioning me so that i can be sure to be on top of this and be informed of any new platform.

    @needmaps, thanks for sharing the variation of the script used by the fraudsters, hope this will help other users spot those activities.

    @tonygr, I can confirm that the site you mentioned is not affiliated to TomTom, glad you could find our FAQ and avoid being scammed!

    @Hypertension, there is a very good reason if on the above linked FAQ we suggest to report the matter to the authorities ;)
  • davalewdavalew Posts: 6 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I too have been in contact with these scammers. To be honest they are able to run this scam because they are a lot easier to contact than support on TomTom which is impenetrable and consists of mainly irrelevant FAQs. I ran a Malwarebytes scan and quarantined everything it found but none of it seemed very toxic. Can anyone say from experience if these people intended to infect my computer or if they were just intending to sell me something fraudulent or unnecessary?
  • SteveEdgeSteveEdge Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi, I too became a 'victim' yesterday when trying to update my satnav. I cant believe I initially fell for it, I've never ever fallen for a scam in over 20 years of online work/banking etc. Briefly, I entered into an online chat (i was in a rush and thought it was Tomtom. I was sent a link, (team viewer or something like) and the 'very helpful scumbag' proceeded to appear to help me update my device and it displayed an error message. The scumbag then to great delight in explaining my satnav would not update as my PC had been hacked and many 'drivers' had failed and then set out how i needed to buy an 'additional firewall' to protect my PC and even gave me the costs. I then realised what was going on and ended the call and closed down my PC. My antivirus program gave me a report that at the same time as my call, a number of attempts to access my PC had thankfully been blocked. I've since updated all my passwords and all seems ok at the moment. Their phone number is 0808 196 8073, ive phoned them numerous times and given them dogs abuse and will continue to do so. Pleas track these cretins down and kill them off.
  • AlanSimpson56AlanSimpson56 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Hi all, Unfortunately I fell for this scam with my son he was helping me update my TomTom. We put simple details in on a site I cannot find it anymore but if I can I will find the site and he called under the number 08081968073. There was a man on the phone called John said he was from TomTom. He then went through the update procedure but said that I cannot update my TomTom as we have "Trojans". He then says he can wipe all this data off your system and can put a third party software on. This company is called "Nexting" which apparently TomTom use for all their systems he said he will put this is onto all our household devices to protect us. All he done was put some silly software on my sons laptop. We fell for all this and paid through paypal we was given an email address [email protected] which we noticed after that it was spelt wrong we was also given customer support numbers ( 02032895124 ) they rushed to get off the phone as I tried to confirm that they work with TomTom. After paying we noticed the paypal account was under the name of [email protected] so i was really suspicious after that. I then come onto this forum and notice other people nearly fell for it ( I wish I had been on here sooner). I am now trying my hardest to get a refund through paypal who have tried to contact the seller we reported not receiving the correct service he is now calling us saying its John from Nexting yet the guy said he worked for TomTom now he is saying he does not work for TomTom he works for "Nexting" after hours of research I cannot find any company called Nexting who deal with third party software. I have reported this to the police and action fraud hopefully they find something.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,066
    edited March 2020

    Sorry to hear you have been scammed....

    I put the phone number you quoted 02032895124 Into the 'Who called me website'
    Here... https://who-called.co.uk/Number/02032895124

    The overall rating for phone number 02032895124 is Dangerous.There have been 862 phone lookups and 20 comments relating to 020 3289 5124. On this page: 19 Users rated it as Dangerous and 1 User rated it as Harassing.The summary of detected keywords found in the reports is as follow: HMRC (11 times), tax (10 times), scam (9 times). The location for 020 is London (England). We noted in this area that there were 90,184,952 searches in total and that users have, so far, left

  • george736george736 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    Wanted to update my device as I typed a pop up appeared saying that I would receive a call from the help center to assist me in up dating, this has never happened before.
    Phone rings and at the end an Indian sounding gentleman asking me what browser I was using.....had a similar call a while ago and was "caught".
    Can't remember the website but hung up.....I see from a previous post that the same phone number was used 0808 196 8072.........SCUMBAG
    Please.please beware
  • Trev_1953Trev_1953 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi All,
    Yes it happened to conned me to buy a fake 3 year contract of Webroot. Therefore pirated. The company I was fooled into believing are 'Sat Nav Maps UK'.
    but can be contacted on 0121 364 4080. Supposedly in Birmingham.
    Action Fraud provide me with a ref and now trying retrieve money from bank Retail Dispute as a product that does not work.
    Wish me luck.
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