Swimming measurements issue

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My watch is Spark 3. I am using a swimming pool of length 20 metres. My watch is not taking data. After 5 -6 laps, it is measuring only 1 lap. Can you please let me know what to do?


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    If you search the forums for swimming accuracy or similar phrases you will see this is a common issue. Miscounting laps is common with most swim watches to some extent. It is using an accelerometer to try and figure out when you are reaching for the wall to turn, but you need a very strong turn to trigger it. It also counts after the first turn, so the total is the laps completed so it will always be one short until the end. It is likely you did not register the final lap as you probably coasted to the wall. Make sure on the final lap that you have a strong finishing motion, so it registers the movement. It may be worthwhile to simply turn on the final lap and then stop so it registers the turn and hence the lap. You also need to be consistent in your stroke (freestyle works best), do not pause or slow at all mid-lap, among other things. It counts strokes in the same way it counts laps, by the accelerometer, so any variation in stroke may cause it to miss a stroke. Just like with lap counting, it is meant to give a rough estimate, it will never give you a perfect count, the technology just isn't there yet. You can search the forums for swimming accuracy related posts (try a variety of search strings) and will find a lot of posts on it. In a nutshell, it is only an estimate and is highly variable based on the user. You need to be using a consistent stroke (freestyle is best), push very hard into the turns (it recognizes a turn by the accelerometer using a force thrust), do not pause mid lap, among other things. You will never get laps using a kickboard as it is using the accelerometer built into the watch to sense strokes by your arm movement. There would be no way for it to measure strokes and laps if your arms are not moving.