Traffic on GO 6200

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Hi I have a tomtom go professional 6200 and I don't know how to get the traffic on


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    Hi @Andy3332

    The Go Pro 6200 has an Inbuilt Mobile Sim which when the unit is turned on seeks a signal and connects to the TT servers.

    If you Tap menu on the next page you will see a number of icons top left ie Wifi, Bluetooth, a cloud, which is showing if the unit has connects to your MyDrive account, 2 Cars and a Battery. If the 2 cars are solid looking then the Unit has connected to the TT servers for Traffic information.

    If you have any difficulty in getting a connection with the inbuilt Sim, which happened to me one day when many were having problems, then if you Log the Unit into your Phones Hotspot or a Mifi I then got Traffic.

    If you think there is any problem firstly check the unit is logged into your account in Settings, MyDrive.