My Drive does not recognise the GO 500

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After the last update of My Drive it no longer recognizes the TomTom GO 500 navigator


  • miles1866
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    After doing what I thought to be a recent map update, when I switch on the TomTom it says No Maps Available, Reinstall a map you already own or go to the TomTom Shop to buy a map.

    When I plug it into my laptop, it does not connect in MyDrive Connect. SD card appears to have wiped maps, but other files/folders remain.

    I cannot navigate to any other screen on the TomTom to try to reset it from there.

    I've tried swapping USB cable, ports etc.

    I've tried holding power button until I get the drums.

    I've tried installing MyDrive on another laptop.

    I'm coming to the conclusion that its Tom Tom - is it a lost cause?