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how the #u## can I contact someone at tomtom to tell me how to find what countries are covered under my package and how I can change my user email address???? Theres not even an option for online chat, how ridiculously rubbish is this service??!!


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    Er, Okay,

    Just need to hang-fire until one of the moderators is online (VikramK or Lampard) who will no doubt do their best to help.

    However, online chat? Well, you're here, and people help each other on the forum. Moderators do the hard work of actually sorting out major issues.
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    Hi @TTcustomer

    Sorry but I did not understand 'packages', could you add more info?

    To contact customer service just click on the 'Contact us' (footer of this page)

    With regards to the email I can help you out but you need to send me more details through a private message.

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    Hi @VikramK

    I interpret that to mean he wants to know what countries he has on the map/maps on his unit.