How are you supposed to update

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Sorry Tom Tom but your website is total trash.

I'm beyond bothered anymore. Not only does your website not work, but it's nion impossible to add my product to my account to get the update needed to keep it working.

Buttons that don't work, impossible to select options from dropdowns - account logins that chose to stop working. What sort of service is this? Now I remember why I'll just use google maps instead.


  • Geriko
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    Are you just trying to prevent people updating? I have three various bits of software from you installed, and i honestly have no idea what any of them do and why you cant just have one single piece of software.

    Sorry users, a bit of a rant but seriously.. I'm updating this for a family member and I thought given that it's been years since I tried to do anything with tom tom that they'd have a decent set of system in place for this.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Geriko

    Difficult to try and help as you have not said what the Tomtom unit is that you are trying to update.